Smart Drinking

Our Responsible Drinking Goal is to Accelerate the Global Smart Drinking Goals and reduce harm caused by the misuse of alcohol in our communities.

Our focus areas include Road Safety, Underage Drinking and Volunteerism.

Reduce the harmful use of alcohol

Goal 1: City Pilot – to reduce the harmful use of alcohol in 6 cities and implement best practices.

Goal 2: Social Norms - Global investment of 1B USD to influence social norms and individual behaviours by ensuring that the social marketing campaigns are aligned to smart drinking principles.

Goal 3: Product portfolio – Introduce no and low alcohol products.

Goal 4: Alcohol Health Literacy – Place guidance labels on all our beer products and increase alcohol health literacy.

Road Safety

Our dream for Road Safety is to reduce fatalities on South African roads. SAB aims to upgrade 10 Alcohol Evidence Centres across South Africa.