The spirit of entrepreneurship has been at the heart of SAB from our beginnings

At SAB, our dream is to support the creation and retention of sustainable jobs and drive economic inclusion that will enable thousands of entrepreneurs to access opportunities. We believe in our entrepreneurs, we believe in their dreams, in their drive to succeed and the difference they make in our communities. Through our entrepreneurship programmes, we want to support entrepreneurs on their journey and show our commitment to providing a tangible and sustainable future for all South Africans.


Committed to Driving local Sourcing

Striving to drive local sourcing strategy and to be the leading emerging farmer program in South Africa

As an organisation that is deeply rooted in the South African Agriculture industry, it is important for us to find sustainable ways in which we can future proof and attract young black farmers to agriculture. And what better way to entice participation than to bring technology and digital solutions to existing farming practices?

Recognising the significant contribution of agriculture to our economic growth, SAB is investing in educating and upskilling our farmers and tertiary students, in order to enhance the country’s agricultural skills pipeline.



Deeply committed to South Africa’s transformation agenda and addressing the unemployment challenge

SAB is passionate about the development and growth of communities through transforming women retailer businesses. SAB’s flagship initiative for 2020 and beyond, is an integration of Enterprise Development into the core operations of the business; we are investing in high potential outlets (women & youth owned) that can grow in volume and sales in areas that would have otherwise never have had visibility and reach. Our focus on women-owned outlets is a bold programme that is set to transform South Africa’s township economies.


Committed to accelerating inclusive growth

Contributing to the development of a transformed, sustainable and vibrant economy

With local manufacturing and production being at the heart of pivoting business strategies across South Africa, SAB has officially secured a local foothold in glass manufacturing through Isanti Glass’s acquisition of Nampak Glass. This transaction will create the first majority Black-Owned glass manufacturer in South Africa, delivering on SAB’s commitment to Government to convert existing suppliers to fall in line with the country’s transformation goals.

SAB is already one of the largest glass producers in the country. We therefore have an in-house vertical operations team with a proven track record of running such plants. This team will provide the technical input for the initial operating years of the plant. The intention is to install world-class operating procedures and ensure the skills and knowledge are transferred to our partners in time.