The SAB World of Beer

28 Aug 12

The SAB World of BeerThe South Africa Breweries’ World of Beer is not only a world class conference centre, but is also the home of SAB’s beer tour. The tour takes you on an exciting journey from the beginnings of Castle Lager and the story of Charles Glass to the mining townships of Johannesburg’s early days.

So what’s in store for you when you enter the World of Beer?

You will be welcomed by the iconic Charles Glass, the brewmaster who brought us Castle Lager and built the foundation for SAB. You will then gain insight into how the elements of earth, wind, fire and water play a central role to the brewing process. Following this, you will uncover the secrets of ancient beer, how it was brewed and how Mesopotamia helped the culture of beer. The art of brewing that spread throughout Europe and Africa will be relayed to you in a fascinating reproduction of events. The tour then brings you back home to Africa where you’ll discover the brewing processes of sorghum beer, the pungent and sour brew called Umqombothi, which you will get to taste! The story of world-renowned brewmaster Josef Groll, who created the world’s first clear and golden beer will be told as you approach the Green Fields greenhouse. Here you’ll get up close and personal with the natural ingredients used to brew SAB beers – barley and hops.

The next stop is Cape Town, where beer first arrived in South Africa before you wind your way up to the dusty mining town of Johannesburg, where gold had just been discovered. Here you’ll watch a short video on the cooper’s craft of barrel making, before making your way into the nearby Lion Pub for a half-time glass of Castle Lager. From pub to traditional Sowetan shebeen, you’ll now gain insight into the history of South Africa’s oppressive past, bringing our historical journey of beer to an end.

Now we get technical! The barley tasting room will teach you all about the process of creating the perfect beer. The first step of the beer making process is the malting process and you will be invited to taste 3 different malts used in SAB beers. View the giant replicas of the brewing vats used in the SAB beer making process and then explore the different beers and ciders SAB has to offer. Finally, it’s off to the tap room to cash in your drinks vouchers. Take a seat on balcony and soak up the views of Newtown while you sip on a selection of SAB’s fine products.

What better way to spend a day? We look forward to seeing you there!

To book this fabulous tour you can contact Felicia Mokhehle at the World of Beer on +27 (0)11 836 4900 or you can visit the website at