Mitchell's Brewery

30 Aug 12

Mitchell's BreweryMitchell's Brewery is situated in the heart of the Garden Route. We are proud to be in Knysna where nature and people coincide in harmony and most of the inhabitants strive to protect themselves and the environment. Therefore, the prime motivation behind the craft that is Mitchell's Beer is presented on our logo. Mitchell's Beer Naturally.

Our beers are brewed the natural way with no artificial additives. Water, hops, barley and yeast. Thats it. We have been at it since 1983 which not only places us as the oldest micro brewery in South Africa, but also as the largest. We also give back to the environment by supporting local farmers through donating our spent grain and yeast as feed for their livestock or for their mushrooms and other crops.

We currently distribute to Cape Town, Gauteng and all of the Eastern Cape. Mitchell's, the naturally brewed craft beer.

Mitchell's brews the following craft beers:

Foresters (3.6% ALCOHOL)

  • A refreshing pilsner-type beer light in colour and body. This delicious beer is lightly hopped, slightly sweet, pleasing to the palate and has a faint aroma. Foresters is an invigorating drink on a hot day.

Bosuns Bitter (3.6% ALCOHOL)

  • The First ‘real ale produced in South Africa, modelled on the English Yorkshire Bitter. Bosuns is full of body and character and not too bitter. This beer has much to offer those looking for robust flavour.

90 Shilling Ale (5% ALCOHOL)

  • 90 Shilling is a spicy ale with a gloriously round, full palate. This traditional Scottish ale will take you back in time as you savour the complex aromatic notes and full – bodied amber glow.

Raven Stout (5% ALCOHOL)

  • A black, medium strength milk stout full of flavour. Raven Stout is well balanced and exhibits a pronounced bitter and distinct hop aroma.

Old Wobbly Lager (7% ALCOHOL)

  • With a bold and alluring flavour, this draught packs a proverbial punch. Some have referred to its aroma as that of a sunny meadow but anyone who has tasted this malt knows that it deserves respect.

Milk & Honey Ale (5.5% ALCOHOL)

  • Milk & Honey is slightly darker, robust ale. It has a touch of lactose and a drop of honey to sweeten things up. A beer to be treated with care and enjoyed on any occasion.

Millwood Mild (3.6% ALCOHOL)

  • Millwood Mild is a 50% Foresters, 50% Bosuns brew. Its a mouth-watering combination of sweet and bitter bringing together the best of our two most famous beers.

Mitchell's Cider (4.6% ALCOHOL)

  • The Mitchell's Cider is refreshingly light and dry, bursting with fresh apple flavour. Unlike many ciders on the market, our cider tastes like apple because its made with real apples.

At Mitchell's Brewery we offer beer tasting and brewery tours.

Beer Tasting:

  • Weekdays from 11:00 -16:00
  • Saturdays (in season) 11:00 – 16:00
  • Beer tasting is R40 per person

Beer Tours:

  • Weekdays at 11:00, 12:30 and 14:30
  • Saturdays (if pre-booked) at 11:00 and 12:30
  • Brewery Tour and Tasting is R60
  • Brewery, Beer and oysters is R123 pp
  • (for oysters, booking is required at least 1 day in advance)

Contact details:


Mitchell's Brewing (Pty) Ltd
3 Arend Str Knysna Industrial
P.O Box 1220 Knysna 6570
Tel:   044 382 4685
Fax: 044 382 5818


Cape Town:  021 425 9462

Gauteng:  011 792 8159

PE:  079 893 6469