SAB Ups the Ante with Increased Prize Money and Updated Categories for 34th Annual Sports Media Award

30 Jul 14

South African Breweries has announced that entries for the SAB Sports Media Awards will open on 25 August 2014 with updated categories and increased prize money of R30, 000 for each category winner.

Robyn Chalmers, Head of Corporate Communications at SAB, says these changes are a reinforcement of the commitment made in 2011 to constantly review and update the Awards.

“Over the last few years, we have continuously evolved the SAB Sports Media Awards and this year is no different, ” says Chalmers. “At the beginning of each year, we actively seek input and feedback from key stakeholders, our judges and entrants to ensure our Awards are reflective of both the local and global media landscape, but also remain relevant to the South African sports media fraternity. This year we’ve relooked at the categories as well as the prize money allocated.”

The categories for the SAB Sports Media Awards 2014 are as follows:

  • Written Media Award (Print and Online)
  • Photography Award (Print and Online)
  • Video Media Award (Television and Online)
  • Audio Media Award (Radio and Online)
  • The Newcomer of the Year Award for sports journalists with less than two years' experience in the Industry.
  • The SAB Sports Media Hall of Fame Award
  • The Sports Personality of the Year Award

“With the improvements we introduce every year, we have seen both the quality and quantity of entries grow year-on-year. Based on the changes for 2014, we look forward to another year of excellence from those in the area of sports reportage, ” says Chalmers.

Entrants should log on or register at to enter.