SAB Portfolio of Beer Products

06 Mar 13

The name SAB resonates deeply in the hearts and minds of South Africans and is home to some of the most exceptional beer brands in the world; names that are synonymous with great taste and good times. Here are some of our finest– all a part of the SAB portfolio of beer.

Castle Lager

Castle Lager had its humble beginnings in 1895 at Charles Glass’ Castle Brewery when it was brewed to quench the thirsts of prospectors in Johannesburg.  Today, it is still enjoyed by men of principle, because it is brewed according to the same exacting standards as those developed by Charles Glass in 1895.

An internationally awarded beer, Castle Lager is a refreshing, drinkable and consistent beer, winning the Grand Champion Bottled Lager at the Brewing Industry International Awards at Burton-upon-Trent, England in 1999, as well as a Gold Award at the Australian International Brewing Awards in 2000.

A proud supporter of the Proteas, Bafana Bafana and the Springboks, Castle Lager is the brand that brings it all together.

Castle Lite

The “lite” version of Castle Lager, Castle Lite offers delicious flavour and refreshment with only 125 kJ per 100ml. It’s now also available as an extra cold draught, the only beer served at sub-zero temperatures in South Africa.

Castle Milk Stout

Castle Milk Stout is the only product in the SAB portfolio of beer that uses dark roasted malt in the brewing process. A satisfying,  full-flavoured experience that is creamy, rich and velvety-smooth!


Hansa Pilsener was  South Africa’s first pilsener that rivalled similar beers of the world in 1975. Brewed with the Saaz hop, Hansa is known to be crisp, refreshing and unique.

Carling Black Label

Carling Black Label is the best-selling & most awarded beer in South Africa, having sealed its reputation as a champion beer by scooping 25 international awards for its superior quality & taste. . It’s been a firm favourite across the country since 1966.

Miller Genuine Draft

Miller Genuine Draft was introduced to the premium SA beer market in 2003 by SAB.  One of the most internationally recognised brands of beer, Miller Genuine Draft was the first beer to be cold filtered for a beer of such golden clarity that it had to be bottled in clear glass.

Pilsner Urquell

Straight out of the Czech Republic, Pilsner Urquell was first brewed in 1842. Now part of the SAB portfolio of beer, Pilsner Urquell offers full flavoured refreshment with 21 different taste notes – a great deal more than the average beer.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro

In 1963, Italian brewer Rudi Peroni saw an opportunity to be the first European to create a truly superior beer – a beer deserving of wearing the Blue Ribbon, the Nastro Azzurro.  It arrived in SA in 2005 and is now available in 60 countries worldwide.


Grolsch is known for its distinctive swing-top bottle top and refreshing flavour. This exceptional beer made its way into the world in 1615, when Willem Neerfeldt – the local brewmaster in Groenlo – first offered it to the town’s locals.

Willem Neerfeldt’s son in law added to the mix by inventing a brewing technique that used two different hops in differing stages of the brewing cycle. The flavour that resulted offered a superior aroma that had him being acknowledged as “Master of the Brewers Guild”.


Redd’s Original represented SAB’s foray into the flavoured alcoholic beverages market in 1996. Redd’s Premium Dry was later introduced in 2001. Both varieties offer drinking enjoyment via a crisp, fruitful flavour, differentiated from other alcoholic coolers by the cold filtering process.

Brutal Fruit

Brutal Fruit is a unique fusion of real fruit and triple-filtered alcohol.  Available in a variety of real fruit flavours,   Brutal Fruit was launched in South Africa in 2002 to meet the needs of the spirit cooler market”


Sarita is another delectable beverage that was introduced in 2006 to offer something that appealed more to the female market. It comes in two varieties: Sarita Select and Sarita Ruby Dry – both equally as delicious and refreshing.