SAB people demonstrate their passion

02 Mar 15

SAB Mackay AwardsPeople can make all the difference to the success of a business. We didn’t become a global brewing powerhouse by coincidence. One of the reasons we’ve gotten to where we are is our people. We attract, develop and reward people who share our passion for the business, as well as share our desire to contribute beyond the business, to the communities in which we operate.

The Mackay Awards was recently launched to recognise our people around the globe who, through their passion, are contributing beyond the business. The awards celebrate the vision and values embodied by the late CEO of SABMiller, Graham Mackay. He believed that ‘business is not something separate from society – business is society’. There are five categories, each of which links to SAB’s Prosper initiatives .

  1.  A Thriving World: Accelerating growth and social development through our value chains.
  2. A Sociable World: Making beer the natural choice for the moderate and responsible drinker.
  3. A Resilient World: Securing shared water resources for the future.
  4. A Clean World: Creating value through reducing waste and carbon.
  5. A Productive World: Supporting responsible, sustainable use of land for our crops.

The awards are SABMiller’s new global benchmark of best practice for programmes that improve livelihoods and help build communities. SAB South Africa has entered the following projects as examples of exceptional passion shown by teams and individuals.


A Thriving World

  • ABI entered its ‘Growing my Business’ training programme for small business owners;
  • SAB Cape Region entered its leadership incubation;
  • SAB Castle Lager Brand Team entered its Together for Tomorrow’s Bafana’ project.


A Sociable World


A Resilient World


A Clean World

  • ABI entered its PET light weighting and PET waste minimisation initiative;
  • SAB Cape Region entered its pallet recycling project;
  • SAB BIS entered SAB Green IT;
  • SAB Innovation Hub entered Project Indlamu;
  • SAB Technical entered Project Simmer and Strip.

We’re proud of our teams’ achievements, and are looking forward to the awards. The final winners will be announced at a ceremony in London in July so watch this space.

Are there any initiatives listed above that you’d like to hear more about? Let us know in the comments below.

Update 25 March 2015


Join us as we congratulate all the winners in the Africa region for the Mackay Awards 2015, as well as the runners-up. SAB South Africa finished strong, winning three of the five regional categories, as well as taking second place in all but one category. Each of the category winners will go on to represent their nation in the global finals.

Category 1: A thriving world
Winner: Uganda, Nile – ‘From Grain to Glass’.
Runner-up: South Africa, ABI - ‘Growing my Business’ training programme for small business owners.

Category 2: A sociable world

Winner: South Africa, SAB –You Decide Programme.
Runner-up: South Africa, SAB –Tavern Intervention Programme.


Category 3: A resilient world
 South Africa, SAB Maltings –Precision Irrigation of Barley.

Runner-up: South Africa, SAB –Strategic Water Partners Network (SWPN).


Category 4: A clean world
 South Africa, SAB –Project Simmer and Strip.
Runner-up: South Africa, ABI -  ABI PET light weighting and PET waste minimisation initiative.


Category 5: A productive world
 Uganda, Nile –Eagle Project: Sorghum Beer Revolution in Uganda
Runner-up: Zimbabwe, Delta –Contract Farming (Barley and Sorghum).


Special recognition was given to teams from South Africa and Lesotho for showing early promise and a new direction in bringing Prosper to life. They were:
• SAB’s Castle Lager brand team for their ‘Together for Tomorrow’s Bafana’ campaign.
• The MMB corporate affairs team was also recognised for their Women Empowerment Through Bottle Sorting programme.


The entries were evaluated in the following three areas, which are in alignment with the Mackay Awards criteria:
1. Business impact: The programme should show the extent of positive returns/impact for our business and how sustainable it is (i.e. it should be more than just philanthropy).
2. External impact: The extent to which the programme had a positive impact on local communities and/or the environment, ability to measure the external impact and the external endorsements that the programme has received.
3. Behaviours and process: The extent to which the programme represents innovation and “thinking outside the box”, and whether it demonstrates SABMiller’s values and/or leadership behaviours in action. This section also assessed whether the programme demonstrates collaboration, either across functions, across markets, across the value chain and/or with external partners, and whether it demonstrates transferrable learning that has already happened or has used shared learning.