14 Oct 14

Customer Business Development Programme,  Responsible Trader ProgrammeSAB has launched a national retailer business training programme aimed at improving tavern owners’ business skills and educating them on how to run a profitable and sustainable business in a socially responsible manner.

The Customer Business Development Programme

The Customer Business Development Programme (CBD), targeting approximately 4 200 tavern owners across South Africa, seeks to build and enhance tavern owner business skills.  SAB also aims to raise trader awareness of their obligation to trade responsibly, a requirement to maintain their license to operate and to help minimise the harmful effects of alcohol in society.

CBD is an extension of SAB’s Mahlasedi Taverner Development Programme which ran from 2004 until 2009 and reached more than 16 000 taverners through an investment of R54-million. Tavern owners that participated in Mahlasedi reported an increase in business performance.

“Local licensed traders make a valuable contribution to the success of SAB as a business and towards the economy of the country. The Customer Business Development Programme allows us to empower them with the skills necessary to maintain and grow sustainable, profitable and responsible businesses, which will continue supporting their families and improving others’ lives through the creation of employment, ” says Refentse Shinners, SAB Manager Enterprise Development.

Tavern owners undergo a four-day training programme allowing them to gain better understanding of how to manage various aspects of their business:

  • their personal finances
  • basic business skills
  • how to plan and grow a tavern business

Additionally, tavern owners will be given valuable information and skills on how to trade responsibly as a means of minimising the harmful effects of alcohol abuse within their communities.  This is provided through SAB’s Responsible Trader Programme (RTP),  a high impact and holistic approach to engaging liquor traders on alcohol abuse and the harm it causes communities, is a first of its kind in South Africa.

Introduced in 2011, RTP is the first programme in the country to actively position the liquor trader as a champion in the fight against alcohol abuse. The programme highlights the importance of trading responsibly to ensure the sustainability of the businesses of liquor traders.

SAB developed the Responsible Trader Programme in response to the company’s deep concern about the harm alcohol abuse can cause to individuals, families and communities. Its objective is to encourage self-regulation amongst traders by creating awareness of the social, health and economic consequences of irresponsible trading.

Added to the devastating impact of alcohol abuse on communities and individuals, irresponsible traders face tough consequences for their behaviour, including the potential loss of their trading license and in turn, a loss in income.

The Responsible Trader Programme focuses on three key areas:

  1. Creating awareness about the harm caused by alcohol abuse and the role the trader plays in driving a reduction of alcohol abuse in their respective communities;
  2. Building trader competence to actively ensure responsible trading in the outlet; and
  3. Building trader competence to create awareness amongst outlet staff and customers about responsible trading and the harm caused by alcohol abuse

On completion of the CBD programme, tavern owners will be provided with certificates and plans are underway to offer post-training business management support from SAB.