SAB Kickstart the Business Mentorship Programme

03 Sep 13

SAB Enhances Kickstart Business Mentorship

SAB Kickstart has become synonymous with exceptional business mentorship in our country. The initiative started in 1995 and has grown exponentially with each business funded and each startup it has nurtured. For young, aspiring minds in South Africa, it has become an avenue for potential success and an opportunity to bring the dreams of entrepreneurs to fruition.

According to Octavius Phukubye, SAB’s enterprise development specialist, the businesses of South Africa have a responsibility to extend to the people of our country: “It’s our responsibility to partner with government and government agencies to pursue the goals of our country. Government needs to create a conducive environment, but it’s the duty of big businesses to pull up the smaller guys.” That’s exactly what SAB Kickstart has been doing for many years, but now we’ve upped the game so that others can also benefit.

Making Dreams a Reality Since 1995

Starting a small business is never easy, no matter who you are, but with SAB Kickstart, the process has become that much easier to manage. Since establishment in 1995, the SAB Kickstart business mentorship programme has gone to great lengths to ensure the success of many startups and individuals. Noteworthy feats include:

  • Helping 3, 200 companies get started
  • Assisting more than 22, 900 entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35
  • Investing more than R64 million into developing businesses

Taking Business Development To The Next Level

SAB felt that we needed to offer more to young business minds by elevating the Kickstart programme to some degree. We’ve since added an intensive two-week business skills training course and have increased the mentorship to a full 12 months. The mentorship was always a part of the programme, but now with the addition of the business development support, there is a symbiosis happening between the two. Growth strategy plans are now included in the programme and they’re set up between the entrepreneur, the mentor and a business development specialist. Milestones are set with the intention of the entrepreneur reaching them under the guidance of their mentor.

After chatting to a few of the most recent participants, we found that this slight amendment to the programme has become the most beneficial aspect. Two successful entrepreneurs who have started very different businesses both found that the two-week business development training was extremely rewarding and wholly constructive, and they both maintained that their relationships with their respective mentors have been invaluable.

SAB is constantly looking for new ways to improve the Kickstart programme, but as Phukubye says it’s already doing really well as it is: “Kickstart is now running like an efficient German machine!” Let’s hope that it continues to deliver to the South African community and all the bright, ambitious future business owners of our country.