18 Sep 13

The SAB Foundation has announced the finalists of its 3rd Annual Social Innovation Awards 2013. A total of 26 finalists will vie for the R1-million first place prize, which will be used to grow and commercialise their product or service.

The SAB Foundation Social Innovations Awards was first launched in 2011 by its chairperson, Cyril Ramaphosa, and recognises and invests in pro-poor products and services that address the challenges faced by women, the youth, people living with disabilities and people living in rural areas. These four groups are the SAB Foundation’s key beneficiaries across all of its programmes, of which there are three, including the awards.  The other two programmes are the Tholoana Enterprise Fund and Growth Fund, in partnership with Endeavor South Africa.

“There are incredible individuals in South Africa who have taken the initiative to develop innovative solutions to solve some of the social problems faced within our communities and it gives us great pleasure to recognise these and to help make the solutions sustainable, ” says Nicola Jowell, SAB Foundation Manager.

Following a competition format, the SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards selects eligible innovative product and service entries and then narrows down the search for the best over three rigorous judging phases. The judging panel comprises independent experts in the entrepreneurship and innovation space, as well as key individuals with intimate knowledge of the beneficiary groups.

Apart from the first place prize of R1-million, 2nd place will receive an investment of R500 000 and 3rd place, R300 000. Additionally, a number of seed grants will be awarded to other finalists.

Winners receive the grant funding in tranches over a period. The amount is determined by their growth plan to commercialise and upscale the service and product.

The Innovation Awards form part of the SAB Foundation’s primary focus to ignite a culture of entrepreneurship in South Africa as a source of economic growth, job creation and innovation.

Winners will be announced at an awards function on 29 October 2013.

Below are the 2013 SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards Finalists. Each of these innovations is a product or service which benefits one or more of the SAB Foundation’s beneficiaries – women, the youth, people living with disabilities and people living in rural areas.


1.    Green Feed Effect - greenhouses at public schools to educate young learners on planting and growing fruit and vegetables.

2.    SavvyLoo - waterless toilet for rural areas and temporary settlements

3.    FerBiGas – production of natural gas (methane gas) and fertilizer to power appliances

4.    Tour 2.0 – promotes community tourism

5.    Anti-Crime Street Pole – deterring crime through wireless technology and voice recognition

6.    Market Development for Farmers – building capacity, developing skills and providing access to market for rural projects

7.    Unjani Clinic – provides accessible, affordable and quality primary healthcare

8.    Lighting up the Townships – By Day and Night - affordable, clean, safe and sustainable lighting and energy solutions to rural households that have limited access to the electricity grid

9.    Kickstart Business Magazine - empowering small black-owned businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs living in townships and rural areas

10. Uncle Tera’s Deli and Catering – Apprentice and Training – provides employment and culinary skills to at-risk youth

11. ProYouth Naturals SNE Complex 54 - natural extract of traditional African herbs with healing and wellness properties

12. Power in a Bottle – innovative solar energy product

13. Know Your Child – improving interaction between working parents and teachers through mobile technology

14. Light of Dawn – creating power using recycled products

15. SpringAge – helping young people develop innovative ideas

16. Repurpose Schoolbag – transforms plastic shopping bags into reusable school bags

17. Learner Centre - internet based communication and collaboration platform for learners and teachers

18. Motor Monitor Cam – recording device for vehicles to avoid legal costs

19. Altis Osteogenic Bone Matrix – injectable bone regeneration product

20. The Terrawatt Raptor Renewable Energy Device – electricity generation using renewable wind energy

21. Jacklin Organic Food Security Incubator – organic food garden

22. Bulk Brick Layer – provides brick laying skills

23. SMART Standby – reducing the demand for electricity

24. “Vula” – Eye Health Mobile Phone App – connecting people with eye care services and eye care screening

25. Real Care Chemicals/Naturals – natural plant based hair care product with a focus on preventing hair loss

26. Community Glass Recycling Project – income generation through recycling



The SAB Foundation was founded in 2009 as a beneficiary of SAB’s broad based black economic empowerment deal, SAB Zenzele, and holds 8.4 million shares. Dividend income received from Zenzele is used for investments in initiatives which benefit the wider community.

The SAB Foundation is overseen by a board of trustees which include respected South African businessmen and women. It is chaired by SA businessman, Cyril Ramaphosa, whose passion for young entrepreneurs is widely acknowledged.

The long-term vision underpinning the SAB Foundation’s programmes is to ignite a culture of entrepreneurship in South Africa as a source of economic growth, job creation and innovation.

Research conduction into entrepreneurship highlighted three critical points:

  • SA lacks a critical mass of SMEs,
  • SA has only a few high-profile entrepreneurial role models; and
  • The country’s culture of innovation is largely untapped and un-commercialised.

To address these challenges, the SAB Foundation aims to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship by supporting the growth of a critical mass of SMEs; developing entrepreneurial role models; and stimulating and rewarding innovation.

Other than the Innovation Prize, the SAB Foundations aim to achieve its objective through the following investment initiatives:

The Tholoana Enterprise Fund is a small-scale seed-capital grant programme, to assist micro and small enterprises that provide income generation and employment.

Growth Fund (in partnership with Endeavor) - a programme that provides capital investment into medium-size, high potential enterprises, at a catalytic stage in their growth cycle.

For further information, please contact:

Robyn Chalmers

Head of Media and Communications, SAB

Tel: 011 881 8679



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