SAB brews up three speciality beers for the Cape Town Festival of Beer

20 Nov 13

SAB brews up three speciality beers for the Cape Town Festival of BeerSouth African Breweries will once again be supporting the Cape Town Festival of Beer with three special beers prepared just for the occasion. A host of brewers will be on hand at the stand to take you through the distinct flavour profiles of the Lazy Brown Ale, Black & Tan and Summer Haze hefe weissen.

Lazy Brown Ale

This English Brown Ale is a light to medium malty beer which can finish sweet or dry, depending on the malt used. The name mild refers to the relative lack of hop bitterness and aroma.  It’s a light-flavoured, refreshing and easy-drinking beer, with a moderate malty nose with caramel, toasted nuts, chocolate and some fruitiness.

Black & Tan

Black & Tan is a combination of Castle Milk Stout and Black Label. This mixture of light and dark beer reduces the body and strong flavours of the stout and adds subtle flavours to the lager to create a very drinkable beer. It is medium-bodied, with some smoky burnt aroma from the roasted malt, has a moderate bitterness with no hop aroma and a slight sweetness.  The alcohol on this version is 4.8%, which makes it superbly drinkable on a hot sunny day.

Summer Haze hefe weissen

This is a traditional German wheat-based ale, well-rounded with a relatively dry finish, perfect for summer.  A hefeweizen is a top fermented, unfiltered, bottle conditioned wheat beer with a noticeable yeast sediment and a cloudy appearance.  Lightly-hopped, this pale straw-coloured beer has a unique banana-and-clove yeast character, along with a moderate vanilla character and a low bubblegum aroma.


The Festival is a celebration of brewing heritage and craft both locally and from around the world. It is South Africa’s largest annual gathering of beer enthusiasts, connoisseurs and those just wanting to learn more about beer. The weekend promises great entertainment including a variety of brewers, food stalls, music, live rugby and is a highlight on the Cape Town social calendar.


You can follow all the beer action this weekend using the hashtag #CTFOB or by following @MyBeerSA, @SABreweries and @FestOfBeer.