Packaging, Reuse and Recycling

06 Mar 13

SAB Glass Recycling

The quality of SAB products is reliant on the quality of our packaging and raw materials. To ensure our consumers are always satisfied with the end product, there are strict measures put in place during the packaging process. However, we’re not only looking to better the needs of our consumers, we’re also invested in bettering the state of the environment.

The first port of call where we can positively impact the effects on the environment  is to use reusable packaging.  We’re fortunate that our products are packaged in glass bottles, so recycling them is easy. Most bottles are returnable so we can save money and raw materials by reusing them.  This in turn reduces the heavy burden that has been placed on the planet in terms of the volume of waste that is generated.

The SAB glass recycling initiatives allow us to be active partners in The Glass Recycling Company.  In terms of our soft drinks, ABI – our soft drinks division – assists with large-scale funding of PETCO, South Africa’s Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET) recycling company.

SAB recycling Statistics

These are just a few numbers that can give you an idea of the positive impact our SAB glass recycling and reusable packaging initiatives are having on the planet.

  • Only 10% of total litter is made up of beverage containers, but we’re still active in reducing this figure
  • More than 80% of beer sold by SAB is contained in reusable packaging
  • We’re actively trying to reduce the amount of transit packaging used
  • We’ve redesigned certain packaging to make it lighter, which uses 10% less raw materials to produce

How are you doing your bit for the environment? We hope that you’ll start by recycling all your SAB bottles and cans.