Packaging awards for SAB

30 Jan 14

27_01_BlogOur innovative packaging was recently recognised at the Institute of Packaging’s Gold Awards, where we walked away with two Gold Awards, one Silver and one Bronze Award.

The Gold Awards are hosted by the Institute of Packaging (SA) and are held every two years. These awards recognise excellence in South African packaging, and attract entries from a large cross-section of the Southern African packaging industry. Here are our highlights.

Gold Medal to Castle Lite’s innovative can

The Castle Lite Cold Rush, Easy Flow Beverage Can was awarded a Gold Award in the Beverage Category for its innovation and novelty. This is the first time that this technology has been used in South Africa, and indeed anywhere in the world.

The flip-twist-and-flow opening ritual adds an interaction and functionality for the Castle Lite drinker, which has helped set this product apart. It has also helped to overcome the perceived negative aspects of drinking directly from the can.

A Bronze to the Hansa embossed bottle

SAB’s Hansa Pilsener 330ml embossed bottle was awarded a Bronze Award in the Beverage Category. It’s the first non-returnable beer bottle in South Africa to carry heavy embossing around the waist. The highly recognisable label-free bottle waist cleverly incorporates all necessary information on the neck label. The jury commended the entry for meeting the challenges of embossing a large area.

A Gold to the Hansa top clip carton

In the Transit and Secondary Packaging category the Hansa 4 x 750/660ml Top Clip Carton design was awarded a Gold for its innovation. The awarded board and plastic device secures four quarts by their necks in a simple handle solution, which makes portability easier for the consumer. The extensive research and development that went into this product resulted in a stronger, more durable and attractive packaging solution than ever before.

A Silver to the Castle Lager Fan Packs

SAB took home a second award in the Transit and Secondary Packaging category for their Castle Lager 12s Fan Packs. These plastic packs with attached handles were awarded for their simplicity which allows easy handling throughout the supply chain, and convenience to the consumer.

Have you experienced the benefits of great packaging design of your favourite drinks? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us at @SABreweries.  

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