A message from Team SAB

By Zoleka Lisa: Vice President of Corporate Affairs SA


Almost three months into 2021, this year is showing itself to be the sequel to the challenge that was 2020. Some parts of our sector did not survive, and others only just survived trying to navigate the completely unpredictable and unchartered terrain that is COVID-19. At SAB we have greatly appreciated the support of our customers and our many partners and stakeholders throughout this very difficult time.

The pandemic has forced us to look at the future with caution while offering solutions that matter now and in the long-term. The beer industry’s value chain touches on so many sectors that are run by small businesses - including farming, logistics and hospitality.

With this monthly newsletter, we hope to keep you updated and share some of the very promising work we are doing to protect both lives and the livelihoods of the almost 1 million people who depend on the alcohol value chain.

SAB’s commitment to our beautiful South Africa shines as brightly as ever.