Gilroy Brewery

16 Aug 12

Gilroy BreweryJoin Steve Gilroy for a humorous look at the myths, legends and secrets of beer while you learn how beer is created, smell the hops, taste the grains and explore the brewing process.

Every tour of the Gilroy Brewery includes a recount of the great and famous Legend of the Gauntlet. Every tour ends with the traditional salute!

The salute of the raised mid-digit - or ‘impertinent finger’ - is intended as a worthy challenge to other brewers to brew a better beer. We believe it is an impossible feat!

As legend has it (according to Great Aunt Amy, the family historian), Alousius Gilroy, renowned brew master of Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland, first used this bold gesture circa 1856. After one and a half centuries, the challenge still stands!

Gilroy Beers

Gilroy Lager is a European type lager, brewed to the Rheinheitsgebotusing CzeckSaaz and German Halletau hops and Gilroy's wonderful lager yeast, matured for 8 weeks. It’s a well-balanced, flavoursome, naturally carbonated beer with great body and a long finish.

A true favourite is Gilroy's pale ale. A superb light ale brewed with golden and amber malts, and Gilroy's own yeast. The Gilroy Favourite is well bodied and extremely easy to drink with underlying flavours of summer fruits and caramelised honey. It is a session beer with a well-balanced finish and has 4% alcohol by volume.

Gilroy Traditional is a ruby ale. A magnificent explosion of flavours on the tongue, it is brewed using the best English kilned barley, grain, malts and Kentish noble hops. The Gilroy Traditional is 5% alcohol by volume and as a handcrafted red ale, it is elegantly rustic – a truly beautiful creation.

Gilroy Serious is a rich, strong premium dark ale. The amber and dark malts yield a warm claret colour with extraordinary flavours. The Gilroy Serious is 7.75% alcohol by volume. The Serious is easy to drink, despite its name and the high alcohol which is not noticeable in the taste.

Gilroy Tours.

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