Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

06 Mar 13


In line with our initiatives to prevent alcohol related issues in the community, we’ve taken a strong stance on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome by sponsoring research via an NGO. Drinking while pregnant is detrimental to the health of an unborn child as well as to the health and safety of the mother bearing the child. We know that awareness around Foetal Alcohol Syndrome needs to be highly prevalent in certain areas of our country. Through education we can help to further prevent incidences of this condition occurring.


Focus Areas

The Western and Northern Cape display very high percentages of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. by sponsoring non-governmental organisations in these areas they’ve been able to introduce intervention programmes that will educate the communities about the dire risks they face when drinking while pregnant. In 201 we donated R1 million that assisted in educating 1 050 children, 525 adults and 95 shebeen owners.

The facts are very straightforward and to the point, and they communicate the harsh effects of foetal alcohol syndrome in a concise manner. We are confident that with the help of our sponsorship efforts a difference can be made through awareness and education.