#DoStuffZA competition takes off around South Africa

05 Nov 13

At SAB we take a clear stand when it comes to the consequences of alcohol abuse. Through our You Decide platform we’re aiming to positively influence social change by empowering teenagers to make responsible decisions about alcohol.

You Decide is a public private partnership between the South African Breweries,  National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Initiatives of the partnership include school shows, community and teacher workshops, interactive web platforms, the Future Leaders TV show  and the recent #DoStuffZA competition.

The #DoStuffZA competition invites young people to share photographs of themselves doing fun activities such as dancing, skateboarding, soccer, singing or art. These photographs can be shared on either Facebook, Twitter, PhotoForge or Instagram using the hashtag “#DoStuffZA” to enter the competition. The best photos each week will win Apple ipods, and a grand prize winner at the close of the competition will win an Apple ipad. The competition runs from 25 October to 30 November.

The tagline “You can either ROCK or drink” encourages teens to focus on forming positive habits which then leaves less time or need in their lives for alcohol abuse. The benefits of finding a hobby, sport or craft that a young person can enjoy, take pride in and build confidence through are immense.

An exciting aspect of the #DoStuffZA competition involves the introduction of an ambassador, Hulisani Ravele. Ms Ravele, also known as ‘CC’ is one of the most recognised youth personalities in the country as well as a successful young businesswoman. At age 25, she has shown leadership, compassion and a fun, vibrant personality which makes her an excellent role model for the campaign. She will be engaging with viewers through chats on Mxit, Twitter and Facebook at various stages of the competition, encouraging them to make positive decisions and build exciting futures.

The SAB You Decide team is excited to launch this inspiring competition and invites all 13 to 18 year olds from around South Africa to enter and share their favourite activities.

More information can be found at the You Decide website,  Facebook and Twitter