18 May 15

What does it mean to be a big brewer? At SAB we’ve been growing our brewery operations for over a century. Over time we have developed our systems to a level of technical sophistication that enables us to consistently brew billions of litres of beer to the highest quality.

Coinciding with the launch of our Instagram channel, we invited a group of Instagrammers (“Igers”) to get up close and personal with our Chamdor Brewery in Gauteng. We took them on an Instawalk behind the scenes, allowing them to photograph areas of the brewery not usually open to the public. They explored the vast operations areas, were dwarfed by the enormous fermentation vessels and felt the chill in the Niagra filter rooms. They not only got to taste the freshest beer possible direct from the Bright Beer Tanks and different types of malt, they also witnessed the world class manufacturing processes in our pack hall. Finally they ended up in the great cavern of the distribution area, surrounded by mountains of crates ready for delivery.

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The photographs taken give a glimpse into the unique processes and operations of big brewing.

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