Celebrating our strive towards sustainability

Sustainability Goals Competition

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Working towards sustainability and balance

GlobalFootprint defines sustainability as the process of maintaining change in a balanced fashion, in which the use of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human and environement needs and aspirations.

For AB InBev and every person working here, there is a strive to work towards this harmony and balance. A sense of giving back while earning their positions as environmentally and socially conscious individuals.

We want to encourage a culture of sustainable thinking and doing. This includes challenging other businesses, clients, suppliers, and customers to change their behaviour and become part of a global movement for the greater good of our planet.

AB InBev's 2025 Sustainability Goals

During May 2018, AB InBev globally launched their commitment to several ambitious Sustainability Goals to be achieved by 2025:

  • Smart Agriculture: 100% of our direct farmers will be skilled, connected and financially-empowered.
  • Water Stewardship: 100% of our communities in high stress areas will have measurably improved water availability and quality.
  • Circular Packaging: 100% of our products will be in packaging that is returnable or made from majority recycled content.
  • Climate Action:
  • 100% of our purchased electricity will be from renewable sources; and a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions across our value chain (science-based).[1]
  • Entrepreneurship: 10 000 jobs created in South Africa by 2022 through entrepreneurship.

For a full breakdown of how we plan to work towards these goals follow this link. http://challengeaccepted.africa/2025%20Goals.pdf

Faces behind this strive

To honour and remind hundreds of amazing individuals that they are all working in the business of sustainability, we launched a page that showcases different people in our business and industry. From farmers to beer distributors, accountants to managers, to even you, the consumer. These are the faces behind sustainable growth in Africa.

Stand a chance to win

Do you recycle or pick up trash when you stroll along the beach?
Do you consider shared-growth a business strategy?
What about a simple choice of not using a straw or coffee cap?

Sustainability is a way of thinking that has a rippling effect on our behaviour and choices.

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