As the human race we are beginning to see the ramifications of our actions on Earth. Perhaps the most visual of these is climate change and the impact of this can be seen in changing weather patterns from droughts to floods. We’re realising that we need to utilise and manage our natural resources in a more sustainable manner if we want to ensure future generations have the same access to these as we currently do. As a global brewer, we understand that it is our responsibility to contribute towards addressing such key global issues. We also know how important it is to work with local communities to create and preserve healthy environments across all spectrums.


"Our Dream is to bring people together for a better world, which is why we are committed to supporting a healthy environment and strong communities. Climate change is the most pressing issue confronting our planet and could impact the natural resources we rely on to brew our high-quality beers. More than ever, we see an opportunity to use sustainability as a catalyst for innovation," said Carlos Brito, Chief Executive Officer of AB InBev. "Our 2025 Sustainability Goals and 100+ Accelerator will complement each other, providing solutions for environmental and social challenges so we can build a company to last for the next 100+ years."

As part of our 2025 Sustainability Goals and vision for the next 100+ years to come, we have outlined 5 key fields to focus on for a sustainable future ensuring the perfect brew will continue to bring people together around the world.

  • Smart Agriculture - GOAL: 100% of our direct farmers are skilled, connected and financially empowered
  • Circular Packaging - GOAL: 100% of our product is in packaging that is returnable or made from majority- recycled content
  • Water Stewardship - GOAL: 100% of our communities in high stress areas have measurably improved water availability and quality
  • Climate Action - GOAL: 100% of our purchased electricity comes from renewable sources & 25% reduction of carbon emissions across our value chain


A significant amount of global research, from bodies such as the UN to NGO’s like WWF, all points to the fact that we need to course correct rapidly in order to prevent irreparable damage to the earth’s ecosystems.  Everyone has a part to play on this journey from individual households to corporates such as AB InBev, this demands a collaborative effort.

As brewers, water is our number one commodity. We also know that safe, accessible water is a critical resource for the economic, social and environmental well-being of our communities. We aim to brew beer that our customers love, while being as efficient as possible with water.

In order to achieve this, we are not only aggressively reducing water consumption within our facilities but also looking how we can support broader initiatives working with partners outside of our breweries. For example,  SAB has partnered with the city of Tshwane to rehabilitate the natural Groenkloof springs and Kentron borehole to augment the city’s water supply. This has resulted in an additional 12 million litres of water being released into the city’s network per day. Similar partnerships have also been launched in several other locations all working with the common purpose of conserving water.

In the Western Cape we engaged in a project with WWF to clear alien vegetation in the water catchment of the Outeniqua mountains in George. This alien invasive vegetation consumes a significant amount of water and through its removal and replacement with endemic vegetation the programme has been able to release an additional one billion litres in the catchment.

"Climate change is the most pressing issue confronting our planet. It can be solved via concerted action between government, civil society and companies. We at AB InBev are committed to doing our part." – Carlos Brito

For us to be able to reach our Sustainability Goals by 2025, we rely on our dedicated and passionate staff to bring sustainable practices into their divisions. Here are the faces behind sustainability in South. Africa:

See what our employees are up to in helping preserve the world for future generations.

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