Derek King and Charles Mokoena, SAB Suppliers

The consulting role evolved into a more hands-on role within our client, The South African Breweries (SAB), and saw the telecoms environment became our responsibility. Our role soon moved from trusted advisor to trusted partner in the telecoms space and the company started to grow.

Voicevine moved into a new phase of supporting all aspect of our clients’ telecoms businesses. We needed to enable business channels, gain operational efficiencies and reduce telecoms costs. We were growing, learning and advising in a very exciting area for any business in South Africa. Today we have telecoms experts in operations, applications, technical support, billing and cost reconciliations. 

Along with technology advances, adoption and penetration into the sales force in any organisation also comes with a down side and two big business risks – costs and security. Costs can spiral out of control and the corporate data can be exposed or leaked. Voicevine were again up to the challenge and looked at and developed tools and processes to cater for a new area of explosion - Telecoms Expense Management (TEM). Cost control was tangible and measurable and so our TEM approach and tools provided instant savings and cost controls. Securing thousands of mobile devices also became a huge focus area. In the new era of Android and IOS devices this posed a new set of challenges. New tools for mobility and security management on the thousands of mobile devices were deployed and Voicevine ensured the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) space addressed the security, policy and application requirements for our clients.        

Looking back on the early days of bridging the gap to the integrated operational and support role we play today, it has been, and continues to be a great journey. The next step in the corporate lifecycle of Voicevine had to be one of transformation and growth into more blue-chip companies.

The SAB and Awethu relationship was the perfect timing for Voicevine. We needed a partner and shareholder who could help create the right structures and focus to allow the business to look outwards. We have a deep appreciation and understanding in the Telecoms space and now with Awethu Project as our partner we can grow in the true spirit of transformation. We are a company which is conscious about transformation and excited about what this partnership can deliver for employees and shareholders.

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