And then some? What is South African Breweries ‘and then some’? Let’s see…

South African Breweries is known for brewing the best beer in South Africa. It’s known for holding its rich heritage like no other. It’s known for backing a few other big loves of South Africans – soccer, rugby, and cricket, just to name a few. It’s a brand that lives in the hearts and memories of many South Africans and we hope to continue this journey with you.

But there’s more that you may not know about SAB and it’s certainly worth knowing. We aim to build not only a South Africa we can be proud of but an African continent that we can be proud of too. Here’s how we’re doing it:



According to, 50% of under 18’s, in South Africa, drink alcohol. That’s a scary statistic, as well as an avoidable one.

The South African Breweries being one of the biggest brewers of beer in South Africa, is committed to combatting underage drinking. Thus the Be the Mentor programme came into existence. Be the Mentor is an initiative that inspires a movement of change with mentors across the country pledging to accept responsibility to educate a younger friend or relative about life choices and their consequences.

Overcoming the issues around underage drinking alone is a task often ignored. It takes people coming together to make a true difference.
Sign up now at to become a mentor and help us curb underage consumption and help empower our youth to build a better future.

In our latest efforts to raise awareness around underage drinking in South Africa, we show the effects that it can truly have on a young individual in South Africa. Take a look here.



It is our dream within South Africa to support the creation of 10,000 sustainable jobs and drive more inclusivity within our economy to enable entrepreneurs to have opportunities they otherwise would not. SAB Entrepreneurship has four programmes each suited to a different type of entrepreneur to provide various elements of business support.

Our latest project is called Biz on Tap. It is aimed at helping entrepreneurs get their business off the ground. Through Biz on Tap, we want to empower young, aspiring business owners through 6 short educational videos for FREE! Take a sip of Biz on Tap here.

For more info on anything SAB Entrepreneurship, you can find it here.


2025 GOALS

We know that to have quality beer, we need to have the best ingredients. To do this we need all stakeholders to be at their peak performance.
After all SAB along with AB InBev, want to build a lasting company that brings people together over beer for the next 100+ years.
That’s why sustainability has become such an integral part of how our business is run globally.

We have accomplished a lot in sustainability already, but we know that there is so much more work to be done. Our 2025 goals are set to work towards creating a better world for better brewing.

Here are our 2025 Sustainability goals:

Smart Agriculture
100% of our direct farmers will be skilled, connected, and financially empowered.

Water Stewardship
100% of our communities in high-stress areas will have measurably improved water availability and quality.

Circular Packaging
100% of our products will be in packaging that is returnable or made from majority recycled content.

Climate Action
100% of our purchased electricity will be from renewable sources and a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions across our value chain (science-based).


Watch this space as we work harder and smarter to bring people together over a beer for the next 100 years to come!



If you haven’t heard of or been to SAB’s World of Beer – drop everything right now!
This is the home of beer in Johannesburg and it has so much to offer. Learn about the history of beer and why it plays such an important role not only in the world’s culture, but more importantly, South Africa’s culture.

It’s also the perfect spot for conferences and events, and we can’t forget about The Taproom – stocked with all of your favourite SAB beers, an in-house bar that shows the latest live sport games and it has the most scrumptious food.

To book a conference, go here.
To book a beer tour, go here.
To have a beer served to you by the best barmen in Johannesburg, go here: The Taproom. 



South African Breweries appreciates everyone that has contributed to making it the company that it is today, including YOU!
We will continue to work towards making a better South Africa and Africa.

For the latest on all the above initiatives, follow us here:


AB InBev

World of Beer

Be the Mentor




THAN 18?
BEWARE OF SAB RECRUITMENT SCAM! Certain websites and individuals are claiming to be recruiting for SAB and in some cases soliciting money from the public for jobs.
We are in no way associated with these activities. We only recruit from our careers portal or our in-house talent acquisition and HR teams and an application would not attract any fee.