World of Opportunity

Row-236 Career opportunities at The South African Breweries span from our corporate headquarters in Sandton, Gauteng to 7 breweries, 7 bottling plants, 42 depots, 3 franchise distribution outlets, 2 malting plants and 1 hot production plant located countrywide. Take a closer look at the career opportunities available at our beer divisions and craft your own successful future within this powerful world of opportunity and purpose.

Value Chain



We are considered a world leader in the complex business of getting our product from ‘farm to table’. Planning, negotiating, buying, moving and delivering is all in a day’s work… From the procurement of hops, malt and barley, syrups and other raw materials, to the importing and exporting of our goods, to delivery of our products to different channels, and the returning of empties to the depots. SAB’s commitment to ethical and ecologically sustainable trading means that Supply Chain offers challenging, rich and rewarding careers. The types of jobs you can enjoy in this environment include: Demand Planning, Production Planning, Raw Material Procurement, Commercial, Commodity Analysis, Logistics, Project Management, Capital Optimisation. Qualifications: Undergraduate degree in Industrial, Chemical, Mechanical Engineering and / or BCom in Logistics or Supply Chain Management.


SAB’s status is founded on its uncompromising commitment to brewing excellence. Manufacturing at SAB includes: raw material cultivation (e.g. hops and barley, by SAB Malting and SAB Hop Farms) and ingredient delivery, as well as brewing, mixing, blending, filling and capping of products. SAB’s seven breweries fall under the Manufacturing Director, as do the departments responsible for packaging, new product development and quality assurance. Our manufacturing professionals achieve the highest technical standards whilst adhering to our commitment towards ecological sustainability. Talent in this field can expect to be part of a team dedicated to developing the next wave of cutting-edge technologies and processes in:
  • Brewing: Management of the full technical brewing process with the addition of: passion for excellence; innovation and quality – to set us apart from our competitors.
  • Packaging: Includes bottling, canning, labelling, packing, palletising and storing. A strong team of optimisers who ensure our brands are recognised on the shelves.
  • Engineering: Pioneering support to all our manufacturing processes in all manners of engineering.
Qualifications: An undergraduate degree or national diploma in: Food Science, Applied Science, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Chemical – Electrical – Mechanical – Mechatronic or Industrial Engineering. Manufacturing: The Brewing Process Row-239

Sales & Distribution: Process

Row-240 Sales & Distribution entails the efficient movement of all products from manufacturing plants to the warehouses, from where products are sent to the different customers, per order. It includes the management of franchises, drivers, trucks and depots, and planning of loads in the various districts. S&D teams around the country ensure that wholesalers and retailers are well stocked with our products and that they are kept informed of new product developments and promotions. They work very closely with the Marketing team and are responsible for managing the commercial relationships, developing new business opportunities and contributing valuable insights into the positioning and well-being of our brands. Qualifications: An undergraduate degree or diploma in either Sales or Marketing


Marketing is responsible for the brand positioning of each of the company’s portfolio of brands. This department specifically focuses on understanding the market and researching who consumers are, and exactly what they want. Based on this knowledge, we build our brands by developing advertising campaigns and promotions for our trade and end consumers through the appropriate media channels and brand activation. By maximising the potential of our brands, developing innovative new brands, and introducing our international brands into SA, we ensure that our products are the first choice of consumers. Our marketing talent drives SAB’s commitment to being a brand-led and consumer-facing business. Qualifications: An undergraduate degree or Diploma in Marketing, Communication and Media.

Central Support Divisions



SAB’s rigorous financial and business planning is an essential component of our excellent results. Our finance teams analyse and monitor performance whilst providing detailed understanding of how our organisation can constantly improve efficiencies, increase profits and reduce costs. Talent can find a home in one of the following departments: Financial Management, Accounting, Project Management, Treasury, Tax, Risk Management, Audit and M&A. More specifically, those in Finance need to:
  • Understand and manage the value chain
  • Manage corporate governance issues
  • Implement and manage financial controls
  • Manage financial planning and balance sheets
  • Maintain and optimise internal controls
  • Develop the commercial competence of line employees
  • Manage financial projects
  • Negotiate prices with suppliers to ensure that SAB gets the best value
Qualifications: A post graduate financial or commercial qualification is a pre-requisite. A BCom or B Compt degree and other key qualifications including CA(SA) and CIMA are accepted.

Business Information Systems

Our IT teams enable us to succeed by optimising current systems and leveraging new technologies which maintain SAB’s competitive advantage and support our long term strategies. We deliberately recruit business-focused talent who play a significant role in achieving our consistent growth. We create cross-functional project teams who develop and implement technology-based solutions to a variety of current and future business objectives. SAB offers careers across a wide range of opportunities at all levels including: Systems and Business Analysts, Application Architecture, Program Office, Information Security and Commercial Services. Qualifications: Undergraduate degrees with majors in Informatics, IT and Systems Design.

Human Resources

At SAB we recognise that people are our competitive advantage. Our HR strategies are well known to be a key differentiator between us and the competition. We have developed a truly world-class HR process that has equipped SAB to manage change successfully and ensure that we continue to attract, develop and engage talent best suited to achieving our business objectives. Psychology plays a major role in our HR processes and is one of a diverse list of opportunities in this field. Others include: Learning and Development, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Compensation and HR Generalists. Typical areas of involvement include:
  • Training, Learning and Development
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Organisational Development and Change Management
  • Industrial Relations
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation and Wage Management
  • Employment Equity
  • Psychological Assessment
SAB also employs registered psychologists in a variety of capacities. Qualifications: An undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management or a post graduate qualification in Industrial Psychology.


Our Corporate Affairs team exemplifies the notion of ‘being a force for good’ in our communities. They are the custodians of our image and reputation. Some of the key questions you will answer in this function are: How can we brew more beer using less water? How can we reduce irresponsible drinking? How can we continue to reduce our carbon footprint? How do we monitor our corporate social responsibility and sustainable development? The portfolio encompasses:
  • Enterprise and socio-economic development
  • Transformation
  • Sustainable development
  • Public Policy and stakeholder engagement
  • Reputation management
  • Media and communication
  • Corporate events
  • The SAB World of Beer in Newtown
Talent attracted to this department will find homes in jobs such as: Corporate Social Responsibility, Government Relations, Public Policy,   and Communication. Qualifications: An undergraduate degree in Political, Social or Communication Science is required for most jobs.
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