Row-242 The SAB graduate program is one of the ways in which SAB contributes to the development of talent in South Africa. SAB runs an annual graduate acquisition process which culminates in the appointment of high calibre talent into a number of graduate development programs across the business value chain. A SAB graduate programme is a structured 18-24 month programme which is designed to address the acquisition of technical skills and experience for a graduate as well as familiarise the trainee with the SAB philosophies. The rigour of the programme should ensure that an individual that has completed the programme can be allocated an area of responsibility immediately. Graduate intake at SAB is impacted by a number of variables which include both the South African skills market and the business’ skills needs. Our Graduate Programme include opportunities in the areas of information technology, engineering, marketing and supply chain. For more information click here: www.bestbeerjobs.sv.co.za


SAB is committed to contributing to South Africa’s national skills development agenda. One of the ways in which this is demonstrated is by awarding academic bursaries to talented and deserving South African students. Bursary focus areas change from year to year and are impacted by the South African skills market and the SAB business need. In addition to financial support, our bursars are also afforded the opportunity to learn more about the world of work by participating in the resolution of real business challenges, through structured summer school or vacation work. SAB expects its bursars to maintain high academic standards and exemplary behavioural conduct during their years of study. After the successful completion of their degrees, our bursars join the company full time as graduate trainees. Bursary applications are currently closed.

CA Training Programme

As one of the largest brewers in the world, SAB offers a powerful world of opportunity and purpose. We drive a high performance culture and expose our trainees to both our Soft Drinks and Beer Divisions in South Africa. Financial experience is gained across a variety of disciplines including sales, distribution, manufacturing and head office finance functions. Our CA Training Programme not only helps build business acumen, but also teaches invaluable life and professional skills in the commercial world. It involves a 3-year rotation plan, exposing trainees to management accounting; financial accounting; tax; treasury and internal audit; credit and group finance functions in our business. All our trainees are assigned a qualified mentor to assist in their development. Continuous competency evaluations are conducted in conjunction with external assessors.


Row-245 SAB is committed to contributing to South Africa’s national skills development agenda by focusing on both internal and external talent development initiatives. External commitment to the skills development of unemployed learners is demonstrated both through the SAB Bursary Scheme and the provision of Learnership/in-service training/vacation work programs. Learnerships / In-service Training / Internships SAB’s unemployed learner programs are structured short-term contractual interventions which encourage job creation and promote talent development. Learners who take part in these programs will benefit from gaining critical functional and behavioural competencies which contribute significantly to the learner’s employment marketability.On completion of these programs and respective academic studies, many of the participating learners transition into full time SAB employees. At any given time, SAB has unemployed learner opportunities across most business disciplines. SAB partners with the various SETAs – particularly the FOODBEV SETA – to ensure alignment with the Skills Development Strategy within the FOOD BEV sector. Opportunities will be advertised on the SAB Careers Website throughout the year.  The advert will clearly specify what learnership opportunity is available, the minimum entry requirements, in which region the position is located and the contact person to whom CVs must be submitted. CVs will only be accepted in response to an advert.

Vacation work

Vacation work opportunities are currently open only to students who are part of the SAB Bursary scheme.
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